Cisco Touch 10

Pricing Options: Leasing - 36 months
Sale price$31


  • x1 Cisco Touch 10
  • Effortless user interaction
  • Simple communication
  • Connect with the swipe of a finger
  • Customization ability

Cisco Touch 10 control unit enhances the ease of connection and communication by providing instant access to meetings, contacts, directories, and content. Touch 10 combines beautiful design and effortless user interaction with a consistent experience throughout the Cisco room-based video conferencing device portfolio.

The Cisco Touch 10 control unit is an intuitive device designed to give you a delightful experience when interacting with Cisco video conferencing systems – with just a touch or swipe of your finger. This touch-based unit is optimized for an effortless user experience – from launching and ending a video conference, to sharing content, to viewing contact lists and directories, and even accessing voicemail messages.

The Touch 10 supports the Cisco Webex Room Series and Webex Board video conferencing devices. With recent innovations, the Touch 10 can be customized by adding or removing buttons and adding panels for additional controls of the video system or the conference room environmentRoom scheduling can also be done from the Touch 10 


The Data Sheet containing all the product specifications can be viewed here.

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